Humberto Braga

Humberto Braga is a Psychospiritual Life Coach, Trauma Specialist, Embodiment & Meditation Teacher, and a Soul Mapping Practitioner.

In order to create the change you’re looking for, he utilizes a customized combination of psychological and spiritual modalities — psychosomatic therapeutic modalities, Human Needs Psychology ®, Compassionate Inquiry ®, astrology, astrocartography, Human Design ®, numerology, divination, various types of embodied meditations, art therapy, and esoteric spiritual frameworks.

He is also a writer and an artist, practicing Art Therapy modalities to express a variety of emotions, catharsis, and archetypes. In his work, he weaves together themes of expressing, releasing, and exalting mind, body, soul, and the divine.

He is the founder of, a custom matching wellness platform that connects people with the precise practitioners they’re looking for.