Psychospiritual Coaching

Psychospiritual Coaching helps to liberate your god-given spiritual essence from the mental prison of your conditioned beliefs & self-limiting behavioral patterns.

Traditional psychology has tended to pathologize spiritual experiences since they challenge the dominant ideology of scientific materialism. As such, traditional methods primarily seek to just help you “feel okay”, modify your surface personality, and fit in as a productive member of society.

Psychospiritual Coaching, on the other hand, takes as its central tenet the view that we are “spiritual beings having a human experience”. By placing this deeper principle at its core, we awaken eternal, unshakable parts of your being so you’re able to live in accordance with your true divine essence first and foremost. Once this is established, we then establish practical steps of how to apply your authentic wholeness within the framework of society. This is done through a combination of dialogue, de-programming, and a variety of therapeutic and Psychospiritual practices.

Trauma Recalibration

Trauma Recalibration uses proven methods from leading trauma-healing experts like Pete Walker, Gabor Mate, Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, and others to quickly overcome traumatic events, whether it’s childhood trauma or a recent event which has caused you distress. Through a process of inquiry and simple exercises, we radically change your thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and relationships away from old self-sabotaging tendencies and towards empowering ones.

Soul Mapping

Soul Mapping provides you with a clear understanding of your soul’s unique life blueprint and personized strategies best suited for you. It explains your life’s incarnational purpose, major lessons, psychological tendencies, best places to live, best careers, as well as forecast challenges and navigate relationships. This method uses both ancient & modern methods such as Astrology, Astrocartography, Numerology, Human Design, Gene Keys, & more.


Divination is the ancient process of acquiring information through paranormal methods like tarot & oracle cards, runes, clairsentience, and others. The clarity and reliability of information often depends on the integrity of the reader, their connection to the tool being used, as well as the spiritual state of the person seeking guidance. In most cases, clear and accurate information can be given. In rare cases, however, information is obscured so as not to infringe or cheat a person out of doing the work to acquire a necessary life lesson.

Paranormal Protection

Paranormal Protection works like building up your “spiritual immune system” to prevent hostile interference from happening in the first place. This approach combines multiple modalities based on the work of Dr. William Baldwin and Terry Palmer, PhD,’s “Spirit Releasement Therapy”, the work of UFOlogist and paranormal researcher Dr. Karla Turner, and psychic self-defense techniques made world-renowned by Dion Fortune, among others. The techniques include a combination of hypnosis, dialogue, somatic therapy techniques, embodiment meditation, visualization, and making practical, healthy changes in lifestyle.

Dreamstate Energywork

Dreamstate Energywork is a method of using lucid dreaming as a means of clearing, healing, or simply engaging with a client’s energy-body in the astral realms. The actions and insights in the astral realm often translate to our physical reality to provide increased wellbeing, mental clarity, and insight. It can also serve to remove spirit attachments, etheric implants, and cutting unhealthy energetic cords which no longer serve the soul’s divine purpose.

Note: This method cannot be used to violate free will or natural law. Express permission must be given from all parties involved.

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