Humberto’s approach is wildly unique. To simply call it intuition would be an understatement. In one session we covered what took 2+ years with a therapist. His expertise in all manner of eccentricities is just an added bonus.

-Lindsey Meadows

I am eternally grateful for Humberto’s guidance. Over the course of the last 12 years of knowing one another Humberto has been a profound trusted source of wisdom and a positive influence on my life that has deeply impacted my personal development and trajectory. In many of my life’s darkest moments he has provided reliable, amazing insight and given me the resources I needed to get me back onto a healthy path. Throughout the years I have been able to rely on him to be compassionate yet honest with me as well as inspire me to do the same for myself.

– Nelson Ackermann

Humberto guided me through the fogginess of very intense emotions. His energy was attentive, firm, and compassionate. We reached the root of the intense emotions during our first session, then he laid out the healing plan. I left the session feeling full, joyful, and balanced.

– Jazmin Luna

What stood out for me in my session with Humberto, and regarding my specific issue, was that his advice was direct and on point. There was no questioning or wayward wondering on where the issue lies, or how we have to approach it. His response was clear and concise, with a valid and logical explanation, which not only helped pave a way out, but finally put the issue to rest. I finally have closure from this emotional weight after 8 years. Thank you so much!

– Alexandra Paulina

Humberto is a lighthouse of authenticity, wisdom and compassion. Truly skilled in coaching and counseling with a profound depth of knowledge in many valuable areas. The insights I gleaned from my sessions with him are still useful to me in my life even months later.

I have been on the path of self-development for over 10 years, having studied many forms of psychology, spirituality, philosophy, shadow work & integration and Humberto stands out as someone who truly walks this path from his heart.

– Daniel Frank

Humberto helped me so much. I needed to be bungee corded back in to reality. I needed someone to set me right and guide me how to do what’s best for me. Humberto did that for me.

– Christina Lynn

Humberto’s readings were awesome and balls-on-accurate!!! I’ve had so many readings over the years from Humberto. Every single time the information I received was so accurate. Many things that I needed to hear or take note of revealed themselves weeks or months later to be spot on. I highly recommend you have a reading with him- but be careful- its addictive!!

– Chris Rolfe

After just one session I’m still feeling a huge turn around in mood and energy a week later. Humberto’s process is amazing – it just instantly shifts energy, even big energies that can feel very overwhelming. I noticed very much that unlike others, Humberto was crystal clear, direct, and had an abundance of great models for application. It felt like a refreshing blast of cool air on a hot clammy day. And he went the extra mile checking in on me after our session to make sure I was on track. I’m so grateful and honored to have worked with Humberto.

– CJ Knowles

If someone were to ask me to name the top 5 most influential people of my life, Humberto would make the cut. I hold deep gratitude to him for his character, heart, and rare ability to cut through layers and see into the soul of a person. Thank you, always!

– Yvette Sitkowski

I’m petty sure you can see Humberto’s passion to serve others from outer space. As compassionate as he is brilliant. A wonderful practitioner and guiding light. Thank you for everything!

– Jen Thomson

I’ve known Humberto since 2007 and I have to say he is one of the most solid dependable, focused, attentive and knowledgeable people out there!
His honest insights are priceless and he’s done the inner self work to effectively support his clients.
I have much gratitude in how he has helped me and for the wealth of knowledge he generously provides in his articles and videos.
I highly recommend seeking his services!

– Brettney Perr

Highly Recommend! Asking for help/guidance is new to me. It has always been uncomfortable but I’ve learned through experience and nice quotes that, “growth is uncomfortable.” Needless to say, I did not make it easy for Humberto. However, he made our meeting comfortable, fun, and enlightening.

Humberto was able to identify the root cause of my issue, or as I stated, “growth opportunity,” despite my poor attempts to deflect his questions. He pulled my charts (Astrology & Human Design) and went over a few key things I should focus on. In addition, he provided a swift, yet gentle, kick to the rear, and a neat mnemonic, which have helped me in ways I wasn’t aware I needed. I believe he has the rare ability to deliver the message you need, in the language YOU need to HEAR it.

If I could give him more than 5 stars, I would.

– Daisy Santos

I came across Humberto a little over a couple of years ago seeking guidance on my healing journey. What I really appreciated with his amazing guidance was how knowledgeable he was, and very attentive to my needs. He was quick to give me the tools I needed to do overcome my challenges: suggesting a book, a video, and different powerful practices to help me. He is very insightful, genuine, honest and caring. I’m very grateful to have had Humberto guide me. His service have left a beneficial and rewarding imprint in my life.

– Takisha Armstrong

Humberto is amazing. He helped me navigate through some of the most turbulent times i’ve experienced in life. I was very skeptical about opening up to anyone, let alone being open to a life coach.

What I love the most about talking to Humberto, is his personality and ability to relate to me on a mental, spiritual, and basic human level. I was dreading reaching out at first, but I am very glad I did.

His guidance has helped me become overall more present, happy, and taught me how to handle my emotions and overcome childhood trauma that I felt held me hostage for decades prior. I feel lighter, energized, loving, and overall more confident in life. I am forever grateful!

– Luis Ortiz