My clients recommend me because I help them overcome any challenges as quickly as possible with tools to use outside our sessions.

I’m not interested in coddling people or keeping them on the “hamster wheel” of constantly needing me, like many therapists do.

All sessions are done via Zoom, in person, or the phone. These video calls can be recorded in audio and video format to listen to and watch again and for further learning and reflection. I highly recommend this.

The first session lasts approximately 1 hour with follow up sessions as needed. Every person and situation is uniquely different, so your personal strategy will be agreed upon at the end of our first session.


After providing some personal background information, clients receive some or all of the following depending on their specific issue:

– Confidential space for emotional relief & catharsis to feel more at peace

– Heal trauma & remove unconscious patterns sabotaging your life

– Breaking negative thought loops and silencing the toxic inner critic

– Gain clarity on what you really want in life

– Finding your purpose and passion

– Clarity to deeply understand the issue more objectively and what needs to be done

– Empowering strategies to navigate complex situations successfully

– Simple but powerful self-help tools you can use on your own at any time

– Worksheets & resources to go deeper, get clearer, and maintain accountability

– Ongoing motivation and support you need to stay in alignment

– Soul-mapping charts, relationship analysis, and life strategy overview

– Divination for specialized insights in to the beyond

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This is an investment in yourself.

What’s the value of avoiding the wrong decision and saving months and even years of your life? Priceless.

What’s the value of saving a relationship with a loved one you didn’t think was possible? Priceless.

What’s the value of discovering a new career you never thought you’d have the courage to even try, much less be wildly successful at? Priceless.

These are the results my clients get. My clients report that our work together is priceless. Literally.

Sessions start at $200/hr, and often my clients find closure in 1 or a few sessions.

Price can increase depending on the scope and depth of work necessary to resolve your issues.

Sliding scale pricing is available for those who are financially challenged.

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