The Art of Holding Space


The world can be a demanding and difficult place, and we all need someone to help us through our dark times by holding space for us to process our emotions.

The Art of Holding Space2023-03-21T14:03:20+00:00

Dealing With Your Anger & Rage


I've dealt with pent up rage most of my life in the form of CPTSD from chronic childhood trauma and the fact that humanity is basically insane.

Dealing With Your Anger & Rage2023-02-25T09:02:11+00:00

Understanding Your Shadow: Projection & Integration


The shadow is a psychological archetype that consists of aspects of oneself that exist, but one does not acknowledge or wish to identify with.

Understanding Your Shadow: Projection & Integration2023-02-25T09:02:17+00:00

How to Handle the Anger & Rage of Others


If you've ever been in the presence of someone who is angry or even furious, you know how hard it can be to respond in a helpful way, non-triggering way.

How to Handle the Anger & Rage of Others2023-02-25T09:02:30+00:00

Relationships: The Crucible of Conscious Growth


No matter how spiritually “woke” we may think we are, we still have deeper issues which can only be worked out within the context of relationship.

Relationships: The Crucible of Conscious Growth2022-09-28T16:47:27+00:00
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